Below are somephotos from The Mountaintop Bookstore.

We offer items such as:
Crystals, semi-precious stones, and minerals, as well as candles, incenses, oils, aromatherapy and magical herbs, as well as beautifully crafted jewelry made from precious stones and crystals.

We offer a wide selection of books!

psychic development, mediumship, channeling, tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, dowsing, prayer and meditation, chakras, auras, color, dreams, astral projection, reincarnation and past lives, wiccan practices, goddess material, native American beliefs and practices, the indigo or crystal children, the angelic kingdoms, esoteric Christianity, history and secrets of ancient civilizations including Atlantis, Lemuria, the Mayan culture and prophecies, Stonehenge , the pyramids of Egypt , crop circles, ancient astronauts, UFO’s, etc. Also, we carry

Also available is material on alternative healing processes:
Reiki, yoga, Tai Chi, Quantum Touch, healing hands, spiritual healing, reflexology, iridology, hypnosis, vibrational medicine and especially the link between Body – Mind – and Spirit. Also self–help processes which can assist in overcoming addiction, abuse issues, personal power and boundary issues, co-dependency, re-structuring negative thought patterns, relationship issues, and creating wealth consciousness. Music to enhance meditation, overcome stress and release addictions is also available.




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