About the Mountaintop Book Store
6967 Salem Pike
Clayton, OH 45315

Mary Bauer, Owner, Astrologer

The Mountaintop Bookstore and Self Development Center was established with the main goal of providing books, materials, workshops, and teachers of metaphysical (or new age) subjects for the awakening student on the spiritual path.

We offer books and materials on such subjects as: psychic development, mediumship, channeling, tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, dowsing, prayer and meditation, chakras, auras, color, dreams, astral projection, reincarnation and past lives, wiccan practices, goddess material, native American beliefs and practices, the indigo or crystal children, the angelic kingdoms, esoteric Christianity, history and secrets of ancient civilizations including Atlantis, Lemuria, the Mayan culture and prophecies, Stonehenge , the pyramids of Egypt , crop circles, ancient astronauts, UFO’s, etc. Also, we carry crystals, semi-precious stones, and minerals, as well as candles, incenses, oils, aromatherapy and magical herbs, as well as beautifully crafted jewelry made from precious stones and crystals.

Also available is material on alternative healing processes: Reiki, yoga, Tai Chi, Quantum Touch, healing hands, spiritual healing, reflexology, iridology, hypnosis, vibrational medicine
and especially the link between Body – Mind – and Spirit. Also self–help processes which
can assist in overcoming addiction, abuse issues, personal power and boundary issues,
co-dependency, re-structuring negative thought patterns, relationship issues, and creating
wealth consciousness. Music to enhance meditation, overcome stress and release addictions
is also available.

We recognize that there are many levels of consciousness, many seekers who come from diverse belief systems. It is our goal to provide information and materials that will help each seeker to find enlightenment on their path. We welcome all who truly seek, and we especially provide a tolerant atmosphere where one is encouraged to study and learn what is significant to them without fear of condemnation and ridicule.

Our belief is that as we explore, we will find that the ultimate goal for many seekers is really
the same, regardless of title, ritual and practice. And that goal is to join what is termed the God force....no matter what particular name it is given. As we explore, we realize that each door opens many other doors...we are awed at the immensity and scope of the potential for finding the spiritual being within the physical dimension...and that is the goal, as we understand it, for the coming age where mankind awakens to its birthright...to become one with the sacred source. The potential is magnificent...if we can help you even in some small way to find “your truth” then we are fulfilled.


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